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 Our favourite summer tips

There is lots to see and do in Hemavan Tärnaby during the summer and autumn.  Wind down with a spot of relaxing fly fishing or why not embark on a wonderful hike to soak in the majestic Swedish mountain landscape. You could also gather the family for an entertaining get together during the biggest event of the summer, the annual Border Market in Tärnaby.
Hemavan Tärnaby certainly has something for everyone, whether you’re into 24 hour terrain racing, pleasant cycling or evening picnics under the midnight sun. Welcome to Hemavan Tärnaby and a summer of discovery!

Kungsleden (The King’s Trail)

The most famous hiking trail in Sweden is the Kungsleden and one of its renowned landscapes is the mighty Syterskalet pass. But there are many more interesting hiking trails in and around Hemavan Tärnaby with destinations that suit hikers of all ages. We have put together a list of our favourites.
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Summer Summits

There are many summits in Hemavan Tärnaby that make excellent destinations. Climb four summits during the summer and take part in a lottery where you could win weekend holiday or an evening meal in one of the local restaurants.
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Hemavan Gondola

The gondola takes you quickly and easily up the mountain for hiking along the Kungsleden, or simply just to enjoy the mountain and the view.

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There are plenty of fishing waters to suit all tastes, from easily accessible spots for the whole family to more advanced stretches for the experienced angler. During summer you can chose from fast flowing streams and rivers to mountain lakes well stocked with trout and arctic char. There are also several guided tour companies who offer exclusive fishing in some of the best waters.
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A new winter becomes

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Maybe you have already found your favourite holiday cabin, or there is an apartment that you’ve always wanted to try but it’s never been available. Well, take the chance to book your winter holiday now when there is a wide range of available accommodation.

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Images and clips

Hemavan Tärnaby is northern Sweden’s biggest ski resort and offers exceptional skiing in breathtaking mountain setting. Here we have collected pictures and movie from the area.

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Experience the mountain on foot

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