Lenny’s activities

Kids’ activities wks 7–17

The Activities Team offers fun family activities in Hemavan every week throughout the season. You can read more about the various activities below. The activities start from Solkatten in Hemavan, unless otherwise stated.

Weekly activities programme

These activities apply for weeks 7–14, with the exception of the kids’ après-ski, which we run in weeks 9–10 & 12-13.

Speed Ski Challenge 13:30 – Do you dare? Yes I do! Who’s the fastest? Challenge your friends in our fun speed skiing competition.

Lenny’s Family Games 13:30 – Fun and games for all the family with Lenny the Lemming.

Lenny’s Family Challenge 13:30 – A competition for all the family where you have to complete two runs on our slalom course in as close to the same time as possible.

Kids’ Après-ski 15:30–16:30

Ski Cross Competition 13:30 – Every Saturday through the season, we run Ski Cross competitions on Hemavan’s Ski Cross course. The exciting course has dips, jumps and tight curves, and everyone can join in, whatever your age! There are also some great prizes up for grabs from the Swedish Ski Cross team.

Changes and spontaneous activities may occur, depending on the weather. For more information, contact us at event@hemavan.nu

You can also find out more about our skiing lessons and guided tours for adults. We also offer a piste tour for all the family. Sign up by e-mailing event@hemavan.nu.