Sustainable development

Nature, the mountains and the experiences here are something unique, hard to copy and lasting over time.

The aim of Visit Hemavan Tärnaby is to become a sustainable visitor destination.
To achieve this, we work with a methodology based on the (GSTC) Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s criteria for destinations. It is an international method that the UN stands behind, which among other things shows concrete measures.

We work actively with the companies at the destination to conduct a considerate tourism industry that can coexist with the local community, other industries, animals and nature.


Mountain safety

Whether you travel by foot, skis or snowmobile, a visit to Hemavan Tärnaby in Vindelfjällen requires some basic knowledge of mountain safety. The easiest way to receive advice is to talk to someone who knows the area. Talk to the local inhabitants, park rangers, the staff at Naturum visitors’ centres or cabin wardens before embarking on your excursion. Here are some things to think about BEFORE your excursion.

Useful advice before embarking on your excursion:

Acquire information – don’t be afraid to ask!
• Let the weather dictate your plans.
• Plan your excursion, and alternative routes.
• Take it easy – don’t overexert yourself during the excursion.
• Never leave your cabin or tent in bad weather.
• Vital equipment: map and compass/GPS, windproof sleeping bag, ground sheet, flask containing a warm drink.
• Keep your spirits up! Encourage tired companions.
• Plan not to need a mobile telephone; you will not be able to receive a signal in some areas.


Here we have gathered information about what rights and obligations one has when staying in the mountains.

More value – Mervärde


More value (Mervärde) Hemavan Tärnaby is a financial model for sustainable development developed and operated by Visit Hemavan Tärnaby (DMO) together with local businesses.

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