Kids areas

Fun areas for the kids

In our kids’ areas, kids have right of way and everyone up to 7 years old skis for free if they’re wearing a helmet! In Hemavan there are three kids areas where all the kids can have fun! In Tärnaby there are two children’s areas , one at Ingemarbacken and one at the chairlift!


Lenny Lämmel has his own country, Lämmellandet. There you find two lifts and a number of barbecue sites, a sledding hill, ski-cross-course, Lenny´s mini snowpark and Lenny Lämmels own scene where he preforms together with well known artists! Closely located to Lämmellandet you find Solkattens Restaurant, playroom, ski shop, ski rental, toilets and Lenny´s own club, The Lenny Club.


Lillprinsen is located high up on the mountain at the Royal lift and offers a magnificent view in all directions . Here you find an exciting slalom course , the tree hunt and if you become hungry Folkes Café is nearby . There are also toilet near Lillprinsen.


 In Hemavans central parts right at the Centrum lift we find the lift Lillalämmeln. Here you find an exciting slalom course, barbecue sites and direct access to the restaurant Söderlund & Pärsson, toilets, ski shop, ski rental and the opportunity to purchase ski passes.