Ski pass prices

Access the entire lift system in both Hemavan and Tärnaby

This ski pass gives you access to our entire lift system in both Hemavan and Tärnaby. Reduced prices for young people aged 7–17 yrs. Kids up to 6 years old with a helmet and persons 75 years and older always ski for FREE.

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The ski pass is valid for a continuous number of days. If you do not have a key-card to top up, there is a supplement of SEK 50 for a key-card (plastic card).

  • The season pass is valid from the start until the end of the season in both resorts.
  • Kids up to 6 years old wearing a helmet travel on all lifts for free, but need their own key-card.
  • This ski pass can, of course, also be used by other adults who are responsible for a child, even if they are not the child’s parent.
  • Youth/Senior applies for young people aged 7–17 and for kids without a helmet. The same price applies for seniors aged 65+.
  • With our 6-8 day pass, you get 2 day extra, giving you 8 days for the price of 6. That’s more skiing for your money!
  • Night skiing is included in all passes that are valid for 1 day or more.
  • The season pass is valid for Hemavan and Tärnaby.
  • The student season pass* is valid with a current student ID.
  • The Toppkort Kungsliften** pass is only valid in Hemavan.
  • A new ski pass can be purchased online up until 24 hours before your first day of skiing. You can top up an existing ski pass up until the start of your first day of skiing.

Age groups for ski pass

Kids 0–6 years
Youth 7–17 years
Adult 18–64 years
Senior 65+ years

Topping up your key-card

When topping up an existing card, the number must be entered as one, with no hyphens or spaces. The number you need to enter is always somewhere on the back of the card, although exactly where may vary.

There are different card types/number series for the key-cards – the ones that can be topped up look like this: