Rent out your holiday home

Earn money from your holiday home when you’re not there

Do you have a cabin or apartment in Hemavan? Earn money from it when you’re not there! Rent out your holiday home via our letting agency for peace of mind, simplicity, marketing and a strong sales channel via Rent through us for a discount on a season ski pass!

Simple & reliable

Renting out your holiday home via us gives you a reliable agent with contracts that cover any damage, etc. We make things easy for you as the owner, since we take care of everything from marketing and bookings to check-in and guest services on site.

Marketing & sales

Your holiday home is listed here on our website, making it available for booking 24 hours a day. The site receives an average of 18,000 visitors per week during the winter season. Potential customers are also able to contact our booking office by phone or e-mail for personal help and answers to questions about your listing (office hours, weekdays).

What do you get out of it?

When you rent out your cabin/apartment through Hemavan Alpint AB, you receive 70% of all gross rent.

Before your holiday home goes live for bookings, you choose which weeks you want to use the cabin/apartment. From weeks 49–17, at least 11 weeks must be kept clear for rental. Of the weeks set aside for use by the owner, you are entitled to pre-book a maximum of three weeks over the period wk 8 – wk 16. There are no restrictions in the summer/autumn.

Each owner will also receive a family discount on a season ski pass (max 2 passes).

Holiday letting in brief

  • You keep 70% of the gross rent
  • Sales via the website 24 hours a day
  • Around 18,000 potential customers visit the website each week
  • Discount on season ski pass
  • Good contracts
  • Simplicity – we take care of everything
  • You choose your own weeks of holiday first

Contact us for more information

Cajsa af Ekenstam
Tel: +46(0)730-20 47 93