Two new Ski Cross arenas

Here at Hemavan, we’re big fans of Ski Cross and we’re working with the Swedish Ski Cross team to create two arenas this winter.

Ski Cross is a relatively new branch of skiing, where four participants compete at the same time on fast-paced courses comprising jumps, velodrome curves, terrain waves and other features. The Ski Cross area in Hemavan is designed so that everyone can have a go, whatever your experience level. John Lindh, chief trainer of the Swedish Ski Cross team, designed the course in Hemavan, which was a major success in its first year.

The Ski Cross course is adjacent to Länken (between the Centrumliften and Kungsliften lifts), where skiers old and young can compete against each other in a fantastic mountain setting.

Video: Ski Cross in Hemavan November 2014

The world’s Ski Cross elite in Hemavan, November 2014.


Video: Ski Cross arena in Hemavan

Watch Olympic medallist Anna Holmlund trying out Hemavan’s Ski Cross arena.



We are proud sponsors of the Swedish Ski Cross team!

Video: Skicross-Arenan in Hemavan

See when the Olympic medalist  Anna Holmlund tests Hemavans Skicrossarena.

Proud sponsor of the Swedish national Skicross Team

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