Snowmobile in Hemavan Tärnaby

Hemavan Tärnaby has a unique natural environment that is wonderful to discover on a glistering winter day on the snow.  The snowmobile makes it possible to get out to places that you can not easily reach on skis, but we need also to show respect, that this can be a disturbing element for others. For your best experience, join a guided tour. Or if you drive by yourself, stay on snomobile trails. In Hemavan Tärnaby are several companies have rentalsnowmobiles and arrange snowmobile-tours.

Snowmobile information for foreign drivers

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Snowmobile rental

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Guided snow-

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Reindeer and snomobile traffic

When you drive a snowmobile, you may come close to reindeer. They roam freely in heards or smaller groups. The reindeer are not wild but have owners. It is very easy to scatter a reindeer heard with a snowmobile, but it is a difficult and time-consuming task to round up the heard again. Respect the Sami´s work and the reindeer´s health!

Drive slowly or stop. Usually the reindeer then move off the track, especially if there are reindeer tracks on the side. Drive by quietly.

Stay on snowmobile trails!

On snowmobile trails you drive with the greatest safety and least disruption. Like other mountain trails, snowmobile trails in the mountains are marked with trail crossings. They are also marked with signposts or symbols that show whhat rules apply on the trail. Certain trails can also be in common with ski trails.

Drive slowly and maintain adequate leeway when you pass skiers. You always are obliged to yield to skiers and people who are walking, even on snowmobile trails.

The highest permitted speed for a snowmobile is 70 km/h. In certain places there are lower local speed limits.

Mountain safety

Swedish Avalanche forecasts

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