Caravan site booking terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions for caravan sites in Hemavan

Scroll down to view the booking terms and conditions and other important information for Fjällforsens Camping and Solkattens Camping in Hemavan. Below are the terms and conditions for each caravan site.

Fjällforsens Camping

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Solkattens Camping

Solkattens Camping rents out pitches for the winter season. The caravan site is open from October to April. Only limited services are available on site during low season (October to January).

Pitches can be booked through the CityBreak booking system of Hemavan Alpint AB (“HAAB”). The caravan site guest (“the Guest”) will receive a confirmation by e-mail and must confirm the booking by paying the fee at the appointed time. If the fee is not paid in time, Guests who have stayed at the caravan site in the previous season must remove their caravan and other equipment within three weeks.

In addition to the pitch fee, the Guest must make an advance payment for electricity. The size of the advance payment is based on an average of what guests consume. The advance payment is offset against the next year’s pitch fee unless otherwise agreed between HAAB and the Guest.

The Guest may order the power to be switched on any weekday during the season from October until April by going to hppt:// and stating which pitch requires power and when.

Once the Guest has confirmed the booking, it will continue until the Guest or HAAB terminates the agreement for the pitch. This is usually done at the end of the season.

The Guest may not transfer the pitch to a new guest without the consent of HAAB. The Guest is responsible for the pitch and payments, until HAAB has consented to a transfer. A Guest who wishes to sell their caravan and/or attached cabin should first contact those on the waiting list for a pitch. The details of these people are available from HAAB.

The price of the pitch on the site includes 2 ski passes. The Guest can choose between 2 adult ski passes or 1 adult ski pass and 1 youth ski pass. Wi-fi access is available on the site.

Find out about safety, insurance, liability and conduct rules here.