Ski rental

Make it convenient by pre-booking your equipment online. You avoid unnecessary queuing, and your gear will be ready for pickup when you are in Hemavan.

Book your equipment through our website, preferably when you’re at home and have time to measure and weigh. Once your equipment is ready for pickup, you’ll receive an SMS to the mobile number you provided. On-site, go to the booth number specified in the SMS and collect your equipment; our knowledgeable staff will assist if anything needs to be exchanged. Since everything is already paid for, you’ll be quickly ready for the slopes.



For those who ski a couple of weeks a year or want to try something new, renting equipment is optimal. The skis are always freshly sharpened and waxed when you hit the slopes. Hemavan ski rental offers complete equipment for alpine and snowboarding. We also have a good selection of randonee equipment, touring and cross-country skis, as well as sleds for the mountains. You can also rent a helmet.

You can book your ski equipment up to two days before arrival. The minimum rental is 1 day/equipment. Children aged 0-3 and individuals aged 75 or above are our honored guests and can borrow equipment for free. The offer is valid for one ski day at a time, subject to availability. Equipment cannot be pre-booked.

You can choose the pick-up location for the booked ski equipment yourself. We recommend the following: if you are staying at Hemavan’s Högfjällshotell, in the Kungsbacken, Fjällforsen, or Hemavan village areas, you can pick up your equipment at the rental shop in Centrumhuset. If you are in the Hyllan or Gondolbyn areas, Solkatten’s ski rental is the closest option. See the accommodation map. Your equipment is ready to be picked up in our pre-booking rooms located next to the ski rentals.


Centrumhuset’s ski rental Phone: +46(0)954-301 50

Solkatten’s ski rental Phone: +46(0)954-301 50

Our ski rentals open 30 minutes before the lifts open and close 30 minutes after the lifts close. LIFT OPENING HOURS