Safety & liability


Caravans must be pitched 4 metres apart for safety reasons and always with the tow hitch facing outwards.

The Guest is responsible for ensuring that gas and electrical equipment is tested and approved in line with Swedish regulations.

The electrical hook-up (230 V/16 A) must not be overloaded. Loose electrical cables must not be live. The Guest must not interfere with the electricity cabinets in any way.


The Guest is responsible for ensuring that the caravan and other equipment are insured.

The caravan site’s liability

HAAB is liable for damage or injury suffered by the Guest due to proven negligence on the part of HAAB or of staff or contractors employed by HAAB. HAAB is not liable for damage or injury to the Guest that is caused by an external party or another guest, or for damage or injury that lies outside HAAB’s control.

Conduct rules

Grey water and water containers must be emptied into the disposal point. Disposal onto the ground is not permitted.

Traffic on the site
Drive at walking speed (max 10 km/h) and as little as possible in a motor vehicle. Driving is not permitted between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00.

Show respect
Behaviour that disturbs other guests is not permitted. There must be no noise or driving on the site between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00. When you have a fire or a barbecue, you must think about fire safety and show consideration for your neighbours. Consider whether the smoke/smell might disturb others. Dog owners are asked to show utmost consideration for other guests. Keep your dog on a short lead and walk it offsite. Pick up after your dog.

Help us to keep the site clean and free from rubbish. Use the bins on the site for household waste. A recycling station that takes paper, glass, plastic and so on can be found in central Hemavan on the road to the airport. Other rubbish can be disposed of at the Morkan recycling station, a few kilometres west of Tärnaby.