Booking conditions for bookings made before 2020-05-14

These general terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between Hemavan Alpint AB (HAAB) and any individual who, personally or through the agency of another party, concludes an agreement with HAABin accordance with the terms of the confirmation (the GUEST). The agreement may concern accommodation, travel, the purchase of other products and services, or a combination thereof (the arrangement).

The legally responsible organiser is Hemavan Alpint AB, Centrumvägen 1 920 66 Hemavan. Tel +46(0)954-301 50. 556351-9635. VATNO SE 556351-963501.

As the organiser, HAABis responsible to the GUEST for all matters that the latter can claim as a result of the agreement. The responsibility also applies to services rendered by parties other than HAAB. Information contained in catalogues, brochures and on websites shall be binding upon HAAB, but may be amended before an agreement is reached if a clear reservation for amendments is made and if the GUEST is clearly informed of the change. HAABcannot accept responsibility for any printing or proof-reading errors.
As the organiser, HAABis obliged to ensure:
o that the GUEST receives written confirmation of his/her booking and other necessary documents;
o that information is provided on the manner in which payment shall be made, where keys can be collected, and that the GUEST is otherwise informed on other matters of importance to the arrangement;
o that the arrangement corresponds to the description provided in the confirmation. HAABis not responsible for undertakings that may have been given directly by third parties to the GUEST without the knowledge of HAABand of which HAABwas unaware or could not reasonably been aware (try and obtain such undertakings on paper, to be on the safe side).

The terms below shall be defined as follows within the context of these General Booking Terms and Conditions:
Departure – journey from home to destination
Arrival – the time when the GUEST arrives at the destination
Return journey – journey home from the destination.

The booking is binding upon both HAABand the GUEST as soon as HAABhas confirmed the booking and the GUEST has, within the contractually agreed period of time, paid the agreed deposit (or the sum cost of the booking).

The GUEST shall pay for the arrangement no later than on the date specified in the confirmation. HAABshall be entitled to debit an initial part payment in conjunction with the confirmation (deposit).
o A deposit of 20%, plus any cancellation insurance fee, shall reach HAABwithin 12 days of the booking being made for arrangements booked more than 60 days before arrival.
o Payment of the agreed price shall reach HAAB 60 days before arrival for arrangements booked more than 60 days before arrival.
o Payment of the agreed price shall reach HAAB within 12 days of the booking being made for arrangements booked between 59 and 31 days before arrival.
o Payment of the agreed price shall reach HAAB within 2 days of the booking being made for arrangements booked between 30 and 9 days before arrival. Our bank giro accounts cannot be used for bookings made fewer than 30 days before arrival. Only card payments made via our website at under the “my page” heading, or by telephone, are acceptable.
o Payment of the agreed price shall reach HAAB by midnight of the day when the booking is made for arrangements booked 8 days or fewer before arrival. Only card payments made via our website at under the “my page” heading, or by telephone, are acceptable.

The GUEST may pre-book ski rental from 7 days before collection.
If the GUEST has an existing KeyCard, it can be topped up until 1 day before arrival. If the GUEST does not have such a card, booking must be made at least 6 days before arrival, to enable the GUEST to pick up the card in reception upon arrival.
Final payment for the arrangement shall always have been made before the arrangement begins. The GUEST shall always state their booking number when making payment and shall have their confirmation and receipt with them upon arrival!

HAAB does not send payment reminders for unpaid deposits.
The booking will be cancelled if the deposit does not reach HAAB by the due date specified in the confirmation. If the GUEST has paid the deposit, ONE payment reminder will be sent for the final balance.
The booking will be cancelled if the final balance does not reach HAAB by the date specified in the reminder. If the GUEST does not pay on time, it will be regarded as a cancellation, at which time the cancellation rules will apply.

The GUEST may submit a verbal or written cancellation to HAABor to the place that took the booking. The GUEST may not, when booking such combinations of arrangements sold by HAAB for a pre-determined price (package deal), cancel individual parts of the arrangement.

Accommodation and travel
o HAABwill retain the deposit for accommodation and/or travel cancelled 60 days or more before arrival.
o HAABwill retain 100% of the price of accommodation and/or travel for accommodation and/or travel cancelled 59 days or less before arrival.

If HAAB lets the accommodation to a new GUEST, an amount corresponding to the new GUEST’S rental charge, less a fee corresponding to the overhead incurred by HAAB for re-letting the accommodation, but not less than SEK 1,000, will be refunded.
To enable the refund to be paid, the GUEST must contact HAAB
no later than 14 days after the cancelled booking’s departure date. The GUEST has the option of re-booking the arrangement to another HAAB destination before the final balance is paid, but no later than 60 days before arrival. HAAB shall, in conjunction with changes to bookings, be entitled to levy a change fee totalling SEK 300.

HAAB will retain 100% of the price for ski passes, skiing lessons,
ski rental and supplementary products (bedding, final cleaning, cots, highchairs, etc.) cancelled 6 days or less before arrival.

For all reservations of flights through the Next Jets general terms and Sverigebiljettens ticket rules. For questions regarding flight reservations please contact our reservations department. Phone: +46 (0) 954-301 50, Email: Note that the Next Jets general terms and ticket rules also apply for accommodation reservation in case your flight reservation with your accommodation.

The GUEST may purchase cancellation insurance that entitles them, in the event of illness or other occurrences that interfere with their plans, to cancel up to the date of arrival. See separate terms and conditions below. The cancellation insurance payment shall be made on the same terms as those that apply to the arrangement. The cancellation insurance fee will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.

HAAB may change the terms and conditions governing the arrangement to the extent that the GUEST can be offered other equivalent services.
HAAB shall, in the event of HAAB incurring increased costs after the agreement has become binding upon both parties, be entitled to raise the price of the trip to an extent corresponding to the cost increase,
if the cost increase is due to changes in taxation or other charges in respect of services included in the arrangement.
The price may not be raised during the final 20 days before arrival and the GUEST shall be notified immediately of any price increases. The price of the arrangement shall be reduced if HAAB’s costs fall for the reasons specified above, more than 20 days before arrival.

The departure time specified in conjunction with travel is preliminary. The GUEST shall be notified as soon as possible if the ultimate departure time differs from the preliminary departure time. If no such notification is provided, the time specified on the confirmation or subsequently issued travel documents shall, therefore, obtain.
If the approximate departure differs from the ultimate departure time by more than 8 hours, the GUEST shall be entitled to waive the agreement in the manner specified below.

If the arrangement cannot be supplied in accordance with the confirmation and its terms and conditions and if HAAB is unable to offer the GUEST other equivalent services, the GUEST shall be entitled to waive the agreement. The GUEST shall also be entitled to waive the agreement if the terms and conditions change significantly to his/her disadvantage. When this is the case, HAAB must refund the entire sum already paid, less any benefit that the GUEST may have enjoyed.
To be entitled to waive the agreement, the GUEST must notify HAAB at the earliest possible opportunity, but no later than 11 a.m. on the day after arrival. The GUEST shall notify HAAB immediately of any faults found during the stay to afford HAAB the opportunity to rectify them. The GUEST’S right to claim for the faults shall otherwise lapse.
The maximum compensation paid in damages for damage/injuries covered by the provisions of the Swedish Maritime Code (1994:1009), the Swedish Aviation Act (1957:297), the Swedish Railroad Traffic Act (1985:192) or the Swedish International Railroad Traffic Act (1985:193) shall be that specified in the Acts in question, as worded at the time when the damage/injury occurred. It shall be incumbent upon the GUEST to limit the damage/injury as far as possible.
Any liability on the part of HAAB to pay damages shall lapse if HAAB can demonstrate that the travel could not have been provided as a result of hindrances beyond HAAB’s control and which HAAB could not reasonably have been expected to foresee when the agreement was entered into and whose consequences HAAB could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.
Extreme meteorological conditions in Hemavan may entail the substitution of the regular airport with another airport. HAAB has no liability to compensate the GUEST for any extension to the journey time or abbreviation of the stay under such circumstances.

The GUEST shall be entitled to nominate another party to travel in their place and HAAB shall accept that person, in the absence of specific reasons to the contrary. One such reason may, for example, be that a transport company or other party engaged by HAAB must accept a passenger switch. The GUEST must notify HAAB of switches no later than 5 days (20 days if the journey has been booked with the transport company’s regular alternative) before departure. HAAB shall be entitled to debit a re-booking charge of SEK 300. If the agreement has been transferred, the transferring party and the transferee are jointly and severally liable to HAAB for any remaining payment due for the journey and for any extra costs that may arise from the transfer.

The GUEST must be at least 18 years of age to book/enter into
an agreement with HAAB. At least two people must be a minimum
of 18 years of age in connection with the booking of group accommodation, unless a higher age limit is specified in conjunction with the booking being made. Proof of age will be required upon arrival. Gaining access to the accommodation is contingent upon compliance with the age limit requirement.
If the GUEST fails to comply with the age limit requirement when attempting to gain access to the accommodation, the cancellation rules shall apply.

The GUEST must comply with the regulations, instructions and provisions that govern travel, accommodation and other matters. The GUEST shall observe the greatest consideration for and maintain quiet in relation to other guests between 10 p.m. and
7 a.m. The GUEST is fully responsible for any damage caused to the accommodation and its fixtures and fittings if the GUEST,
or any other party afforded access to the accommodation,
is negligent. Breaches of the regulations specifying a ban on smoking and pets will incur a minimum clean-up cost of SEK 6,000.

The GUEST may not use the accommodation for any purpose other than that agreed in conjunction with the booking being made (usually for leisure purposes) and may not permit other persons to stay overnight in the accommodation or to erect tents, caravans,  hot baths, etc. on the premises. The GUEST must clean the premises thoroughly before the journey home – follow the cleaning instructions.

Any breach of these terms will result in HAAB debiting a minimum charge of SEK 1,500 (depending on the size of the accommodation). All keys to the accommodation must be handed back when commencing the journey home. Any failure to do so will result in HAAB debiting a minimum fee of SEK 2,000 to cover lock changes.

The GUEST is personally liable to observe the necessary formalities for the completion of the journey. HAAB has the right to charge a fee of SEK 2500 if the guest has not completed an approved cleaning of the accommodation before departure. HAAB shall be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the GUEST, or any member of the GUEST’S party, behaves in a disruptive manner and/or causes damage to the accommodation or its surrounding area or if the accommodation is not used for the designated purpose. If the agreement is terminated, the GUEST and his/her party must immediately vacate the accommodation and the rental amount will not be refunded. HAAB will, in the event of a termination with immediate effect of the agreement for the reasons specified above, debit the GUEST an overhead fee corresponding to the damage caused, but no less than SEK 5,000.

The GUEST should approach HAAB with any complaints.
If negotiations between the GUEST and HAAB fail to result in an agreement, they may turn to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or other public court of law.

Both parties shall be entitled to waive the agreement if the arrangement cannot be provided due to acts of war, natural disasters, industrial disputes, extended interruptions to water and power supplies, fires, or other similar major events that neither party could have foreseen or influenced.

The relevant checking in and checking out times are specified on the confirmation. The accommodation price does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels, cots/highchairs, toilet paper, cleaning agents, etc., unless otherwise specified in the confirmation. Remember to take with you everything you need for your stay!
The GUEST consents, by making payment, to the processing by HAAB or the cancellation insurance Underwriter of the GUEST’S personal data. The purpose of this is to enable the usual guest administration, to ensure that HAAB has access to reliable personal data in the event of an accident, to comply with the terms and conditions of the cancellation insurance, and to administer and process any claims for damages. The data may also be used to provide information on insurance and payment services and travel-related offers. The GUEST may also be contacted for market surveys.


A GUEST who has concluded a cancellation insurance agreement is entitled to cancel the trip as specified below. The policy will compensate the GUEST for his/her cancellation costs if he/she is reasonably forced to cancel his/her booking due to the GUEST, or a close relative the GUEST, or fellow passenger:
– suffers a serious illness, accident or death,
– is called up for military service or civil defence,
– suffers significant damage to their ordinary place of residence as a result of fire, flooding, or similar serious event,
– suffers a serious incident in their workplace,
– has their leave cancelled by their employer after the arrangement was booked and this could not reasonably have been foreseen,
– is en route to the destination and suffers a sudden and unforeseen breakdown of their private car or car hired for private use and which cannot be rectified within 24 hours.

The insurance policy will not pay compensation if the GUEST is forced to cancel due to circumstances or illness of which he/she was aware when he/she took out the insurance cover or if the trip was booked against the advice of a physician. The insurance does not cover claims events that occur after the agreed arrival date. The GUEST must be able to attest the hindrance in the form of a certificate from a doctor, authority, employer or insurance company, for example. The certificate shall reach HAAB no later than 14 days after the cancellation date.

The rules governing the way in which the GUEST shall cancel are specified under the heading, WHAT IF THE GUEST WANTS TO CANCEL/RE-BOOK? above.

The term, cancellation costs, refers to the amount already paid by the GUEST for the arrangement and which will not be refunded by HAAB in the event of a cancellation. The amount paid by the GUEST for the cancellation insurance will not be refunded.  The term, fellow traveller, refers to persons covered by the same insurance policy and with the same booking as the GUEST. The term, close relative, refers to the GUEST’S husband/wife/co-habiting partner/registered partner, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents and parents-in-law, maternal and paternal grandparents, other persons with whom the GUEST lives as husband/wife, and persons who have custody of relatives within the GUEST’S family.