Hemavan Gondola is now opened

What a party! Where do we start? Hemavan Gondola is now opened, and the same joy we felt during the opening ceremony, the same joy are we now feeling for all the gondola skiing we will enjoy this winter!

Thursday 30th of November at 14.00 Hemavan Alpint’s owner Hans von Rettig and Landshövding Magdalena Andersson cut the ties to Hemavan Gondola. On Saturday, Hemavan Gondola opened for the big masses, and here was Hemavan Alpint’s CEO Thomas Ringbrant and SLAO’s CEO Titti Rodling who had the honor to hold the scissors. From Thursday to Sunday we had a party in Hemavan and in the gondola area. It is difficult to describe in text the joy and feeling we experienced during the opening ceremony. Our friends at HemavanFly managed to capture exactly all of this on film, or what do you say?

Thanks to all those who somehow shared this special weekend with us. To others that could not attend, we hope to see you in a gondola later this winter!

Pictures from the opening weekend