Gunder Hansson – pensioner and super active

Name Gunder Hansson
Lives Joesjö
Occupation Pensioner, super active

We lived in Storuman and Stensele for twenty years in total. Our idea was always to move home. But then I had a heart attack and was off work. I didn’t have anything to do when I was off sick, and spent more and more time here in Joesjö, my childhood home. And I was lucky to have a wife who wanted to move back here with me. Absolutely never under-estimate your roots, you don’t ever really leave them.

I often say,

Don’t become a pensioner, you never have time for anything.

I’m 74 years old and have way too much to do. But as long as you think it’s fun I think you stay healthier than if you just sit and look out of a window.


For me it started some time in the 90s, when they started to develop snowmobiling. It was the Wild West, more or less. There were fewer snowmobiles then, but they caused bigger problems for the residents. So, we started working on creating snowmobile trails, and the snowmobile riders actually stuck to them. Snowmobiling has grown into an industry now. I alone am responsible for 120 km of trails, but the fun thing is that both visitors and holiday home owners volunteer to help me! They call and ask if they can fetch the trail groomer and go out and prepare the trail.

In summer we build bridges and clear the routes. In winter, we start with tramping down the snow with snowmobiles to create a good surface. Once the snow is deep enough we groom the trail so that the surface is hard and even and lasts throughout the whole season. Everything is done on a voluntary basis.

Well, firstly the work gives me plenty of fresh air. But it’s also somewhat satisfying to see that people notice the work I do. I get plenty of pats on the back for it. Maybe once or twice someone comes along and destroys what we’ve done, but that’s extremely rare.

Favorite places

I would like to give you three tips! If you start from the west end of upper Jovattnet there’s a sign-posted snowmobile trail that goes towards Boxfjället, southwards on Södra Storfjället. The route goes over a big mountain of 1147 metres high called Daevna, near the Norwegian border. From there you have an amazing view. In early winter, with that crisp clear air that only exists at the end of January and beginning of February, you can see all the way out to the Atlantic coast!

Then, if you go by snowmobile towards Hemavan you’ll pass by Säjnesvattnet. There’s a peak there, called Säjnesfjället, which is 881 metres high. You can see all of Norra Storfjället, Artfjäll, Hemavan and Södra Storfjället from there. An unbelievable view!

The third tip is a tour up Boxfjället, deep in the Joesdalen valley. It’s a lower mountain, 876 metres high, and the Norwegian border goes straight over the top of it. The view across the Norwegian and Swedish areas is priceless. You can also get here on skis with the children. Follow the snowmobile trail so that you have a solid surface. It’s a fantastic skiing mountain!