Nature’s pantry

Autumn time means harvest time, even in the mountains. Here are our top tips for tasty treasures to take home from your mountain trip.

The mythical golden cloudberry, so delicious with sugar and cream. You’ll find it in remote swamplands, in both mountain and forest regions. Another golden treasure is the sought-after chanterelle mushroom, difficult to mistake with other mushrooms. This elusive fungus is said to grow best at around 700m above sea level, in forests of mountain birch and fir. Don’t expect the locals to tell where you to find either cloudberries or chantarelles though. The locations of these treasure troves are closely guarded secrets! Also look out for low-growing cranberries, a red marshland berry that grows along vines. Not only is it packed with vitamin C, it’s also good for urine infections.

If you have the right hunting permits, the mountains have a host of delicacies to offer. The ptarmigan is part of the grouse family and will fly up from the ground with a crispy chatter when startled. Serve it with roast potatoes and a red wine sauce. Moose are shy and difficult to find. Join a hunting team to increase your chances, and otherwise just enjoy the camaraderie and coffee of the team. Arctic char is the fish of Lapland, and you’ll find it in cold, clear mountain lakes. It’s delicious fried with butter and served with boiled potatoes, crème fraiche and grated carrots.