Naturum Vindelfjällen - Hemavan

Naturum visitors’ centres are exhibition centres where you can learn about the area’s natural and cultural history and get information for your hiking trip in the area.

Naturum is located at the beginning of the Kungsleden trail and the western entrance to the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve. It features interesting exhibits about the reserve and guides are on hand to offer advice or arrange tours and theme evenings.

About this activity


Opening hours Winter 2017: monday-saturday 09.00-17.00 from February 15. Activities wednesday 18.00
Price Naturum has free entrance. For special arrangements please ask the staff.
Street address 1 Fjällparken
City (address) 960 66 Hemavan
Phone number +46 (0)954-380 23
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General facilities 10 i topp Children & Family