Hemavan Gondol

The gondola takes you quickly and easily up the mountain for hiking along the Kungsleden, or simply just to enjoy the mountain and the view.

The journey up to the top takes about 5 minutes and you enjoy miles of view on the way up while resting your legs.

The world famous Kungsleden is located directly next to the gondola´s top station and there is also a lookout point where you can enjoy a magical view.

The gondola opens on July 7 and will be open for both hikers and bikers. Dogs are of course also welcome to rest their legs in the gondola. For those of you who plan to take the bike in the gondola, there are no built bike paths so it is trail cycling that applies. All biking and hiking is at your own risk.

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Opening hours summer of 2023

7 july – 20 august

Daily 10-17

25 august – 24 september

Friday-sunday 10-17