90 years at the top


Tärna IK Fjällvinden is the most successful ski club in the world, boasting home-grown ski legends such as Ingemar Stemark and Anja Pårson. This year the club celebrates its 90-year anniversary, and still has plenty of top-class elite skiers. But what is it that has meant that this small town in Lapland has been able to bring home 132 World Cup wins and 12 World Championship gold medals?


Maybe it’s something in the water, the air, or the blood of the locals. But if you ask the clubs leaders and trainers, they’ll tell you it’s due to their focus on creating the best opportunities for everyone to develop based on their own circumstances. Tärna IK Fjällvinden is also heavily involved in its community, for example initiating projects to get the youngest and the newest of the areas residents on skis.

One of the club’s stars of today is Magdalena “Monne” Fjällström, who was only two years old when she first stood on a pair of skis. At 22 years old she’s now a member of the Swedish national team, and just like her role models Ingemar and Anja, she has her sights set on becoming the best in the world and flying Fjällvinden’s flag for another few years.

Monne Fjällström är tillbaka i landslaget. Foto: Marianne Lindgren