A walk in The Park

The park skiers are the first to appear when the snow arrives in November. They’re out in all weathers. Spending whole days out there, until the lamps are switched off for evening skiing. Some of them continue to build their own features after the lift has closed for the season. “Hemavan Snowpark is one of the parks that remain open longest in the country during the winter season,” says Alexander Tuven.

“We try to develop and improve it all the time.” Alexander Tuven is one of many people who work at the park every day. He grew up in Hemavan and has been keen on ski jumping and skiing since he was small. Together with Jan Hurka from the Czech Republic and Alan Lelieveld from New Zealand, he’s constantly scraping, raking and polishing. “We have experts here from skiing and snowboarding upper secondary school, beginners, old and young,” says Alexander.