Winter versions of your summer favourites

A few meters of snow don’t need to stop the enthusiastic biker, runner or fisherman. Here are our tips if you want to continue your favourite summer activities in winter.




Running on Laisaliden. Photo: Robert Henriksson

Winter running

No more excuses if you like trail running. With all the winter gear around today – studded trainers, warmer socks, woollen base layers, even special breathing masks for the extreme cold – you can get your outdoor cardio session done even in deep snow. Kitted out in warmer windproof gear, you can head out along Drottningleden trail, or perhaps just up the hills towards Högfjällshotellet. Follow well-trodden paths or enjoy the freedom of running off-piste. And here’s another hot tip, prepare a thermos of warm blackcurrant drink before you go. You’ll appreciate it afterwards.


Good times on the ice. Photo: Hemavan fly

Winter fishing

Winter fishing means getting back to basics. A simple rod through a hole in the ice, and then… wait. Arctic char is what’s on offer in these parts. Identify a lake then pack your ice-fishing gear, a picnic and something to sit on. And don’t forget to wrap up warm. Once you’ve drilled your hole and rigged things up you’re not going to do much more than move your hand up and down occasionally. Get your sunscreen and shades ready, then just sit back and relax.

Biking on the mountain Laxfjället. Photo: Robert Henriksson

Winter biking

Have you seen those bikes that look almost like they have tractor tyres? These hefty beasts are Fat bikes, the keen cyclist’s winter saviour. Their over-sized tyres reduce ground pressure so that you can ride along softer ground, such as snowmobile trails in the winter. Great fun! Just make sure you wear a windproof hat and gloves and good shoe covers, and wrap up warm. If you’re not yet ready to buy a Fat bike, you can always rent one, or switch to winter tyres on your regular bike.