Get your heart pumping

The mountains mean adventure, and adventure gets your heart pumping.  Some adventure activities go beyond the physical though. Those experiences that are a boost for the heart, body and soul, that get your heart beating just thinking about them. Whether fishing, biking or running is your passion; the mountains of Hemavan Tärnaby offer you everything you need for a pulse-raising summer adventure.

#1 You stand in your wading boots in a small river, waiting for that magic moment when you hook a trout, or maybe your first arctic char, on your fly fishing rod. In that instant your pulse can go from a resting 40 to racing to 160 beats per minute! The waters surrounding Hemavan and Tärnaby offer you fabulous fishing whether with family or friends. See our tips on the best places and the right seasons.

#2 There’s no doubt that mountain biking will get your pulse racing, whether pedalling furiously uphill, carrying your bike over stony paths, suddenly appreciating the view, or anticipating the thrill of your imminent downhill ride. You can start one of the loveliest trails at Norra Fjällnäs and head towards King´s cabin. Or why not try the Syterbäcks loop? It’s one of the finest single-track trails in Sweden. Remember to stick to the trails in respect of the flora and fauna.

#3 Experience the feeling of complete freedom that running in the mountains offers. Nothing else matters – it’s just you, the trail and the views. Hemavan Tärnaby is full of wonderful hiking trails that are perfect for running. And there’s something for everybody, whatever your level. But if you want to take it further, why not join the Hemavan24 competition? Uphill or down, your heart will be pounding, but don’t forget to pause, drink water from the streams, and enjoy the views.

#4 Helmet, head torch, rain clothes and boots. You’re almost ready for a caving trip towards the centre of the earth. Hemavan Tärnaby is located in one of Scandinavia’s most cavernous regions, with grottos that were discovered in the 1960’s. One of the most easily accessible tours is from Kåtaviken, 45 km from Hemavan. You go with a guide, who will be right by your side as your pulse shoots up to 180 when you realise you are inside the earth!

Text: Johan Lindberg, Elisabeth Aagård, Hanna Vestman

Foto: Hemavanfly
Grottbilden är tagen av Mojo Andersson